We are very excited to launch our Bright Disposition product range of notebooks and prints
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After twenty years of developing products for major retailers, we are realising our dream of launching our very own Bright Disposition product range!

The designs in our Bright Disposition product ranges are inspired by the Warwickshire countryside, our love of travel and Christian faith.

Our hope is that you will be inspired, encouraged and uplifted by using or gifting our products.

To check out our full product range please go to the Bright Disposition product page on Etsy or read on to find out the inspiration behind each journal!


Dream Big Journal

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The Dream Big Journal was inspired by the night sky, particularly, those rare occasions where there is no light pollution and you can really see the moon and stars.

It’s immensely profound and spiritual looking up at the moon or stars that have been there for millions of years, when as humans our days are finite. The Dream Big Journal is all about making those days count and sprinkling your own special magic on this world and the people around you. It could be used to record your night time or daytime dreams and wishes or as an everyday notebook.

Rainbow Journal

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The morning after I moved into my house in Warwickshire, I looked out of the window and saw a rainbow over the field. It felt like it was God’s way of encouraging me that I had done the right thing in buying the house, settling in Leamington Spa and starting my business (Bright Disposition Ltd).

It was the first of many rainbows that we’ve seen here, during lockdown we even had a double rainbow, which inspired the hope journal design. The rainbow is the ultimate symbol of hope, promises and new beginnings but also encouragement, often showing up just at the right time when you need a bit of extra reassurance.

Free Spirit Journal

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During the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 I would sit looking out the window, watching the birds flying freely. There was very little traffic about and I had never seen so many birds over the field and soaring through the air.

At a time where our personal freedoms were so restricted it was so surreal to observe the ultimate freedom of being able to fly. It made me wonder what is ultimate freedom and how does it feel? What would our lives be like if we removed the limiting beliefs that we so often put upon ourselves and others?

Sunshine Journal

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The ultimate holiday/ travel journal the Sunshine Journal has been inspired by my travels particularly to parts of South America and South East Asia.  Countries closer to the Equator get increased levels of sunlight and the colours in these countries are accentuated to new levels. I wanted to somehow recreate the beauty of these colours in a notebook, so that even if you are staying at home you should be able to open this journal and experience the same joy and intensity of colour as if you were on holiday. Life has highs and lows, but the sun rising and setting over the sea on the cover is a constant reminder that tomorrow is a new day, with all the hopes and dreams that may bring.

(c) Bright Disposition(c) Bright Disposition(c) Bright Disposition

The images above show some of the inspiration for the Sunshine Journal lining: textiles sold by a local lady in the Sacred Valley, Peru; graffiti in Rio, Brazil; sunset in Croatia.

Faith Journal

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As a Christian for me the Faith journal is a visual expression of my hope and faith in Jesus. The simplicity of the cross at the centre on the cover, symbolising the death of Jesus. The typography lining design is based on the fruits of the spirit outlined in the Bible – Galatians 5 22-23. Love, truth, peace, joy, kindness, gentleness, light and open heartedness are values that the world needs greatly.

Matthew 5 13-16 (the Message translation of the Bible) tells us to bring out the God colours in the world. My hope is that through using Bright Disposition products you will be living out the hopes and dreams God has given you. By giving a gift from the Bright Disposition product range as a gift you will be offering a friend an encouragement and blessing.